About this blog.

I like fashion, traveling, photography, reading, walking on the beach and all those fun stuff. But, this blog is not about any of them.

Some ages ago, I took a course on privacy laws in Canada at my law school. I wrote my term paper on the right to be forgotten. This was before the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Google v Equustek, which essentially recognized the right to be forgotten in Canada. In my paper, I had predicted that the right to be forgotten would not be and should not be adopted in Canada. Whoops!

Two semesters after taking the privacy course, I was accepted in the Intellectual Property (“IP”) Intensive Program at our school. A semester of studying only IP related subjects plus a two-month internship. IP is mainly focused on three branches: Patents, Copyright, and Trademark. However, during the program, we had a guest speaker who talked about cybersecurity laws in Canada. This was around the time of the Equifax breach. I wrote my term paper on Digital Identity and why it needs to be regulated by the Federal Government. I talked about how such regulations would decrease the potentially disastrous effects of such data breaches.

Having done my undergraduate in Mathematics and Computing Sciences and having taken the above-mentioned course in law school, I became interested to study how law and technology interact and how they affect each other. This blog is like a diary of my studying this relationship. Surprise!

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