Three Mobile Applications To Make Quarantine Tolerable, Maybe Even Productive

This post is not relevant to any other posts on this blog. However, with everything that is happening in the world right now, I thought I share how I am spending my days in self-isolation/quarantine.

Please note that I am in no way an expert in any field, but for the past two months, first due to a snowboarding injury and then the Covid-19 pandemic, I had to take medical leave from work and stay home! So I may be a how-to-stay-sane-during-quarantine semi-expert if you will.

Below is a list of applications I have used frequently to not only stay sane but also maybe trigger some sort of personal growth.

Sanvello: For Stress and Anxiety

If the isolation is getting to you, you should download Sanvello. I first found out about Sanvello when I was looking for an app to keep track of my daily routines and new working out habits. Soon I found out that it is not a Habit/Routine tracking app, but I continued using it to learn about CBT and meditation.

This application uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques to help its users manage their anxiety, depression, and stress on their own. The users will go through “Guided Journeys” to learn about different CBT techniques to ease their symptoms. Additionally, the application has a comprehensive inventory of guided meditations, videos, and articles that I found highly informative.

Other than these features, the users can track their mood and thoughts on a daily basis, set daily goals and establish “Healthy” habits. The application also provides graphs to help the users understand how their thoughts, goals and healthy habits affect their mood. There is an option that allows users to share this info with their therapists and doctors.

The app is free to download, but you will need to upgrade to premium (68.99/year or 11.49/month, some insurance plans are accepted) to have access to all that it has to offer. Right now the premium is offered for free.

Fabulous: Habits and Daily Routines

When I broke my wrist in a snowboarding accident, two months ago and had to take a medical leave from my job, I realized that routines are important to keep oneself sane. I had to change my routines drastically at that time, which was a bit nerve-racking. This was when I found Fabulous.

Fabulous is a Habit/Routines tracking app that additionally provides the users with “Journeys” and “Challenges”. Similar to Sanvello, it also provides guided meditations, short yoga, and stretching routines and informative articles.  Journeys are a set of Challenges, ie habits,  that the users perform in a period of time to establish a new skill. For example, the “An Unexpected Journey” includes the following smaller Challenges: “Drink Water”, “Great Breakfast”, “Dance your Way”,… Each Journey starts with a challenge and by finishing that challenge the user unlocks the next.

Challenges are shorter than Journeys and focus on a narrower skill. For example, the “An unexpected Journey” Journey seeks to ease the users into making new habits, “The Clean Eating” Challenge, which seeks to specifically internalize the habit of clean eating.

The Fabulous app is also provided free, however to use everything it has to offer, the user has to upgrade to premium ($64.99/year).

Gymaholic: Plan and Track Your Workouts

I started using Gymaholic when I bought an apple watch. This app lets you plan and track your workouts even on your watch. It also provides you with an animated demonstration of each workout.

You can plan your daily workout based on the muscle group you would like to train and the workout gears at your disposal. This allows you to plan a full workout at home with minimal or no gear.

Gymaholic, similar or Sanvello and Fabulous, is available for free, however, to access the workout database, you will need to pay a fee ($41.99/year or $4.99/month).


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